Take Care, My Friend!


I got a call from one of my best friend--Chu--tonight. She told me that she's gonna visit Bali again! 0_0 Although I somewhat felt that she might be visiting Bali at the end of April, finding out this "thought" has come true still makes me so surprised~.

The story about my friend's sudden plan is becuz of the trip we took to Bali at 15th March. It's all about "accidents", and "out of plans"...Anyway, she has the chance to meet this good guy J, they have kept in contact ever since we came back to Taiwan. I'm so so happy for her that she can hold on to this "thread" and has made a special friend like J....And I'm a lil jealous at her too. Becuz...look at what I have that's related to Bali? ..only memories. I'm jealous cuz I also wanna know some guy in Bali, too. No, not "some guy", he's a great drummer in a band. And now all I have is a picture and a autograph. *signs*

Life needs this kind of impulse, sometimes. Is it right? Or I'm too old to have this kind of bravety?

If it's about having a relationship, I think I might be the most coward girl in the world. I remember a song by Nelly F., called "All Good Things". She sings "Traveling I always stop at the exist, wondering if I should go". I don't know why i have so much dilly-daily things to feel wondering. I'm not that type of girl who can be active enough to travel above, showing how I feel while still not sure how this relationship could go any far...

This is why I'm so happy for my dear friend, and a lil jealous,too. She's gonna take off the day after tomorrow. 8 days in Bali all alone. I'm very worried about her (I'm afriand she might feel sad when she's back). But I keep all my worried mood at heart, and just told her to "enjoy the moment there". That "J" guy is gonna leave Bali for Italy for at least 4 months, that's why I'm worried about Chu's feelings when she's back.

She knows that this relationship won't go any far. But I doubt she already has the preparation for the upset feelings when she's back. No one could pretend like "lets not think about future and enjoy whut's at the moment!", especially when she has feelings this much all this month.

I hope she's having fun there. I'll pray for her safty.

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